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Specifically designed for the highly accurate measurement of strain and deflection, these instruments provide valuable testing information. Extensometers measure strain, which is calculated as the change in length of a specimen divided by the original length (gauge length) of the specimen and expressed as a percentage.

Products include extensometers for elongations up to 50% and gage lengths up to 2 inches, extensometers for high temperature or longer gage lengths, extensometers for high elongation, deflectometers and compressometers, and bolt extensometers, all of which use LVDT technology to measure the displacement. In addition to these technologies we can also supply strain gage based extensometers, powerful non contacting video extensometers, laser based non-contacting extensometers and encoder based automatic variable gauge length extensometers.

LVDT extensometers measure strain by means of knife edges which contact the sample, one of which is fixed in its position, and the other which is located on a moveable arm. This moveable arm is actually a pivoted arm, on one end is the knife edge and the other is attached to an armature that moves through an LVDT coil. Most of these extensometers can be adapted to your exact specimen holding needs by different options, but in their standard form hold flat or round specimens from 1/16” to 5/8” (1.6mm to 16mm).

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Refurbished: The equipment is provided cleaned; inspected; deemed functional and safe for use; and, then calibration is checked in accordance with the applicable ASTM or ISO standards.  Equipment classified as “Refurbished” meets all the specifications of the applicable ASTM or ISO standard, but may include the effects of being pre-owned equipment and comes with a Limited Factory Warranty.

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Refurbished Warranty - The Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company guarantees its refurbished products to function under normal use and service for which they were intended and under condition of proper maintenance for 90 days from date of receipt of equipment.  Equipment can be returned freight prepaid, for refund of the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory; or repaired at Seller's option – less any fees for onsite installation and calibration.